Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th. Best Pday

Today will probaby be my favorite day of the MTC, we went to the temple in the morning, after I finish my email I'm going to play volleybally for 3 hours, then finish out by watching a devotional. 

Not much has happened since the in the last four days since I have written, since i have been here for 2 weeks they changed my room and are puting my with latinos so I speak spanish more. So today we spent an hour changing rooms this morning. All the latinos stay for 2 weeks and then go to their mission since they all know spanish already. So they came around to everybodys room saying goodbye. A few of them were taking ties from rooms, it was pretty funny but they didnt get any of my ties. All the new latinos will be getting here tonight, so Im not sure who my new roomates are. There will be 4 north americans and two latinos. Im really good friends with the 3 other elders in my rooms so itll be a good time. 

Sundays are my favorite day here, I call it english sunday because non of the teachers come into work because its sunday, so we just sit around and watch devotionals from 130 till about 830. At 8:30 the President of the MTC gives us a super indepth lesson on the MTC, its mind blowing. 

Last night we decided to do some studying outside, this lady came up and started talking to us through the gate. Im not sure what she was saying at all, I think she was homeless and wanted some help. I only understood about 3 words, I still have a lot more to learn. 

Thats about the only thing that has happened in the past four days. My next Pday is in 10 days so hopefully Ill have more to tell. Ive been having a really good time. Time has been going super fast already, its going to start going even faster when I get to Bolivia.

Love Elder Britt

oh and this city is crazy, on the way to the temple I saw a guy pooping on the side walk, people are weird here. Oh and I also got sick this past week, it was just a little cold, but disease spreads through here like crazy. I was sick for about four days, it wasnt bad at all. 

The first picture is an elder who I am really good friends with. My companion is the one who is at the temple with me.

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