Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25th. First Pday :D

Email to Jessica:
Ive been having a really good time here. I havent been homesick at all, I dont even have time for it. All my times is just going to learning spanish. I have made some pretty good friends here. My first companion is Elder Teahan, we get along really well and he is a good first companion. He is from up north, I think draper. All of my spanish classes are going really well. I can already have conversations with the native Elders. They are really funny when we sing hymns, they will just sing as loudly as they can and tehy dont really care if they are in tune or not. The food here is actually really good. I have no clue what I am eating half of the time but it is pretty good. My favorite is a fruit called grenadine, Im not really sure how to spell it but it looks like fish eggs and its really slimey. They call it the fruit from the tree of life.
On wednesday we went to the temple and I struggled, luckily I had headphones for about half of the time but when we went to a new room they didnt work anymore. So I had no clue what was going on and I was just trying to remember what they were saying from first time I went. When I went to the veil part of the temple I had no clue what the temple worker was saying. I would just make a sound that sounded like what he said and they said it was fine. I wasn't even saying any words. But I made it through that.
So wednesday night, we were having a good time and just messing around and there was this elder who was trying to jump onto the top bunk. He has done it a couple times before and cracked it so instead of letting him do that again. I just pushed him and he grabbed the post to the bed and ripped the post out of the frame. So at around midnight, everybody in our room was trying to put this bed back together was we could all go to sleep, it was really funny. Oh and I am sleeping under the bed that that top bunk, so i might die. Just kidding, it is in there pretty well.
Another story story, on July 20th, I think, it was Columbias independence day. All the elders were eating lunch and it sounded like a bomb went of and the whole MTC was shaking, I was terrified. All the lations just start laughing and saying, look at all the North Americans, like it was just a normal thing for them. What they later told me was that it was a jet flying by for it. That jet must have been flying extremeley low to the ground.
The days here have been pretty much all exactly the same and I just want to be in bolivia already. They started out extremely slow but now they are flying by but they are all bluring together. Everyday is pretty much the same, wake up, breakfast, spanish class, lunch, spanish class, a little bit of volleyball, more spanish, dinner, and then finish out the day with spanish. It can be pretty tough at times but I'm still happy. I don't have that many stories right now because I'm pretty much in class nonstop, but hopefully when I leave I will have more to tell. Love you, bye.

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