Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov 10th, La Guardia

This week has gone by really quickly. Im learning the area still and all the members but this ward is a lot better than the ward in Montero. In Montero only 40 people attended every week but yesterday 220 people attended. The bishop helps out a lot and so do the members. Its really easy to find members to go on visits with, we can usually get 2 or 3 lessons a day with a member. 

We have a lot of really good investigators in this area. Ivan and Paula are really interested but Paula is the only one that goes to church. Ivan told us that he hates talking to other people especially at church so its going to be hard to get them to go. We have also been working with him on the Word of Wisdom. Everybody is addicted to coca leaves and its really hard to get them to quit. He said he would start quiting little by little though, so thats good. He always loves our visits though. I think when we fix these 2 things he will get baptized. Then there is Christan and Leo Solice. They are 15 and 9. They are a part member family. They have taken all the lessons but are still waiting for an answer. I think we might have to end up dropping them soon. They never read or go to church like they say they will. I think if they dont attend church next week we will end up dropping them. Those are all of our investigators that we have taught a lot. We are still looking a lot for other people to teach.

So Monday night we we were walking down the street at night and there was this guy who yelled at us, ELDERS, and whenever people do that they are usually just drunk, but we ended up just going and talking to him. He told us that he was a member and wanted us to visit with him right then. He lives in an unfinished house on the second floor. When we got in there there was a ton of writings on the wall, it was really weird. I felt really uncomfortable there. He told us that he was working on the house and that is was his coworker that wrote that, so that made me feel a little better. He said he was only living there because he lives really far away and was only working on the house. I think we are going to go back and teach him sometime this week. 

This Friday will be a talent show for the Elders. My comp is going to play the Violin. I have no clue what Im going to do for it though. Ill just have to figure something out. Itll be a good time and Im looking forward to it. Thats about all thats happened this week. Time is going by so quickly! Ive been out about 4 months and It feels like I left yesterday. Things out here have been going really good though, Ive learned a ton and Im loving it.

Elder Britt

These are some scripture cases that a guy made me in the area. They are made for tiger, anoconda, and alligator. 

The picture is of the family Gusman. She had her baby about 3 days ago. We went over to visit her to see how she was doing and everything going fine for her. The baby and her are both healthy so thats good. 

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